Microshifts to transform your business

Are you an employee thinking about becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur but too scared to take that giant leap into the unknown? Or a coach, consultant, solopreneur, or mompreneur wanting to scale up and accelerate your business but stuck in running the day to day operations?

We get it.

Change is uncomfortable, scary, and intimidating.

The concept of changing who we are, become something new and different is frightening. To some of us, the idea of wanting more out of life or feeling miserable in spite of having a “good job” may sound ungrateful and greedy. And if you have a family to support, you might feel guilty taking a risk that might negatively affect your family.

At Microshifters, our goal is to help you make those microshifts so you can achieve your business dreams and aspirations one step at a time. We work with you in translating your goals into small, achievable, and sustainable objectives and actions. Then help you implement these actions so you can move from a state of guilt, overwhelm, indecision, and confusion into a state of balance, sustainable growth, and productivity.

Microshifters is the outsourcing partner for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Our Services


Social Media

Our social media marketing services will help you connect with your audience, build your brand and online presence, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

Content Writing

Our Content Writing services will help you deliver and communicate the right message for your brand whilst ensuring high-quality SEO optimized content.

Website Development

Make a statement and stand out online! We make modern, engaging and effective websites designed to showcase your brand and maximize your marketing investment.

Strategic Planning

We provide strategic planning services to help you define your vision, develop objectives and identify strategies and actions to take your business to the next level.

Business Development

Our Business Development solutions will help you adopt and leverage new strategies and trends, from digital marketing to email automation so you can thrive in the fast-changing digital environment.

Business Consulting

Microshifters can help you where you need it most, from getting your business back on track to implementing Lean Six Sigma practices to improve day to day work and reduce waste.

Take that first step today!



Here are some examples of our projects, from social media to logo design, to content writing and website development. All projects displayed with consent from owners. Please explore and enjoy. 


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